It’s been a few months now since one of the biggest changes in my life (so far!) when I moved from my hometown of Gloucester to the lovely Watford. I feel like I have already learnt an awful lot in the short time I’ve been here!

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of months and with everything that I have learnt in teaching, on placement and even in my time off, I have discovered a lot about myself and even more about God.

I am a very organised person who likes to plan everything. I like to make sure I know what’s going to be happening next; I’ve always had a pretty solid plan for my life.

Sums it up pretty well!

It goes like this:School to sixth form, sixth form to university and university to a career.

Simple enough, right?

However, it hasn’t gone completely the way I planned – I’m currently here at Soul Survivor as a Soul61 rather than at university, living the life of a student.


In fact, thinking about it, the plan started changing before that; even the move from school to sixth form wasn’t what I had planned and it was all pretty scary. At the time, moving somewhere I didn’t know anyone was the worst thing in the world but, in hindsight, it was definitely for the best and was clearly what God had in mind!

I’m also a very independent person and I would much rather just work things out for myself and do them on my own, rather than asking others for help.

So for me, trusting that God has a plan and has control over my life is actually a pretty difficult (and scary) concept to grasp!

The thing is, as I go through life, I find more and more that I actually don’t have much control over my future. Sure, I can make decisions for myself about what I want to do next but it feels like my planning isn’t the one that takes precedence.

There’s this verse that I keep coming back to that seems to explain it:

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” (Proverbs 19.21)

This is so simple and yet also so powerful.

Looking back on my 19 year life I can already see that it’s so true! I can make as many plans as I like about where I want to study or what career I’ll pursue, but, because I am trying to follow God, and trust in Him, He is the one who actually decides what I’ll be doing!

Since being in Watford and chatting with some amazing people, I’ve definitely learnt to start trusting in Him more; letting Him show me what He wants for me, and chasing after that, rather than making the decision on my own (and seemingly often getting it completely wrong!!).

I reckon that we all have massive decisions to make at some point – maybe you’re facing that right now. Some of you might be starting to ponder what you want to do next in your life; what GCSEs or A Levels you want to take, what university you want to go to or even which career might be right for you.

Perhaps you don’t know which way to go, or are struggling to figure it out…my challenge is to stop for a bit and just listen to what God is saying.

Listen and then TRUST HIM.

He is the only one who really knows where we should be going, the one who knows what is the very best for us.

Even in my independence, I’m trying to learn be dependent upon Him; trusting God will lead to life in all its fullness.

He never fails, and I know He won’t start now.

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