(Coz it’s quite long, if you can’t be bothered to read it all, this is the gist: The world has massive problems, God is MUCH bigger, we are His workers, the world can change. Done)

So that I start strong, I want to tell you that I believe that you can change the world.

You and your mates have every potential to be the generation of people who sees the world transformed, who sees captives set free and poverty ended. I’m not sure you necessarily believe that, but you definitely should.  You can truly make a difference.

Yeah, I know, I hear you…it’s all a bit big.

Some of the world’s many problems are vast aren’t they? Poverty, slavery, food shortages, natural disasters, abuse, pornography, starvation, corruption, murder, hate, addiction, wars, genocide…the list goes on and on and it ain’t going away yet. We had Live Aid and Live 8 and Make Poverty History and the Jubilee 2000 campaign. We give money and time and signatures to each of them. We petition power like our lives depend on it. We shout loud on behalf of the ignored, we give the helping hand to the downtrodden, we comfort the lonely. We go on mission. We clean streets and pick litter. We pray and fast and do random acts of kindness.

And of course, there’s all the rubbish that we have to deal with in our own lives too. Pain, hurt, exams, pressure, stress, anxiety, bad parents, break-ups and hang-ups and the shame of things-done-wrong.

Sometimes life just feels a little overwhelming…

But, you know what, this isn’t it. Life doesn’t have to be this way. Justice can come.

Just stop for a moment, quieten your heart and still the thoughts inside your head. Listen for a second…can you hear it? The still, small voice. That whisper of hope. The gentle, quiet words, stirring inside you…”It’s gonna be ok. This isn’t the end. A new day is coming.”

“Look! Look! God has moved into the neighbourhood, making his home with men and women!

They’re his people, he’s their God.

He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes. Death is gone for good—tears gone, crying gone, pain gone—all the first order of things gone.”

The Enthroned continued,

“Look! I’m making everything new.”

Rev 21:3-5


Jesus is making everything new.

Everything. (That’s you, me, the world; the WHOLE thing)

He makes it all new. That’s his work. He redeems everything to Himself, he restores and defends and heals. The cross has transformed everything. The resurrection tells us that the world doesn’t have to stay as we see it; death has been defeated, so life will reign. The cross promises new life and forever.

So, I’ve got one thing to say to you, (nicked from Danielle Strickland).

 “Get up. Keep going. There is work to do. Take heart, the King is coming.”

 You see, not one of those great evils can compare to the power of God, to the love that He lavishes on us, to His kindness and mercy. He is greater, bigger; endlessly so. And he wants to do that work through you and me. We are the way he does his work in the world. The feet he walks this world with: yours and mine. The hands that hold out hope: ours.

Stop again, look at the hands in front of you.

Them, there. Those are the hands Jesus has to do his redemption-work.

So don’t give up on this fight. Get up. Keep going. There is work to do.

And take heart. For the King of love is coming.


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