I am not very good at many things.

You know those people who seem to be brilliant at everything they turn their hands to? Yeah, I’m not one of them…I can do stuff, and lots of varied stuff, but I’m not an expert at any single thing.

Although I really like trying stuff out, that’s where all the fun is. Particularly if it’s DIY.

DIY is ace. And a very good example of me not being really good at it.

The walls in my house are less-than-exemplary because of my slightly-shoddy attempts at DIY (shhhhh, don’t tell my wife) and there are a fair few holes hidden behind pictures that are hanging up. Or scratches where I measured wrong and realised my mistake. Or part holes where I couldn’t quite drill through far enough.

Ok, so I’m bad at hanging pictures up.

But I like to keep trying. And then, if it goes wrong, I can always let the pictures hide my mistakes. The holes are easy to hide, so it doesn’t really matter if I mess it up, right?

And I guess that’s ok for pictures…it’s definitely less good if I do the same with my character.

I know that I have sin, brokenness and mess ups in my life. There are loads of things that I do wrong and am trying to get better at. There are loads of people that I hurt. I say stupid things that I don’t mean and offend people.

I screw up all the time. Just like the holes in my walls, the flaws and faults are there.

The question is, am I trying to hide them with the picture of how I’d like people to see me? Am I covering up my sin, to give people a better picture of the persona I want to convey? Keep my sin hidden and it’ll be ok?

Is the person I show to people the person I am in private?

I’m learning that it’s far better that the holes in my character are revealed in the safety of community, than kept hidden and secret. I’m learning that when I leave things in the dark, they grow and fester and get worse…but when I bring them to the light they can be made right again. I am truly grateful for the friends who I can tell about my screw ups – it’s when they are brought to the light that they can be fixed and figured out. That my sin gets forgiven, and the potential scars are healed.

So, don’t let you character be like the walls in my house – full of holes that are covered by the picture I want people to see. Rather, bring your flaws to the light, that Jesus can do what He continually does and restore that which has been broken.

That in the safety of a community of friends who love each other, we can all become more of the person God intends for us to be and that we can be free of the things that hinder us.

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