So, here we are then…the Soul Action blog. To be totally honest with you, we aren’t 100% sure what this will look like – maybe a regular column on the things we’re thinking about here at Soul Action Towers (also known as a PC at the Soul Survivor offices!), maybe just a link to some of the things we are reading at the moment. Maybe none of the above and just a place to market incessantly…We aren’t really sure (definitely not that last one, just to reassure you!)

What we definitely want it to be is a place where we talk about, think upon and discuss God’s justice.  A place where we hope to understand more of God’s heart for the last, the least and the lost – where maybe we glimpse what it is like to walk in their shoes. A place where the Bible is prized and studied, worship is the overflow and once all is said, we get up from our computers and act. Let this be a place where, together, we stoke the fires of passion to go and do something for this world that God so loves.

We also want it to be a place for conversation, a place where we all contribute. We believe that God made us to live in community, to love in community and also to learn in community. We each bring our own, unique view on the world, and we want to hear that. Let’s just make sure we’re kind in the way we communicate.

Let’s go on a journey together: loving + growing + hoping + crying + doing + thinking + daring + being + resting + laughing + hurting + seeking. Living.

Come with us,

Love Soul Action

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