Sometimes life just gets busy, doesn’t it.

Life can get filled with stuff (not necessarily bad stuff…just stuff). The days seem to fly by crazy quickly. Get up, have a shower, eat breakfast, do the commute to work or school, concentrate all day, get home, eat dinner, do some work, go to cell group (or some other thing the church is doing), get back late, go to bed, hit the weekend…and repeat. Then repeat again. Etcetera Etcetera.

Suddenly it’s been a couple of weeks since you last prayed. Or a couple of months maybe. Whatever. It’s suddenly a long time since you really last spent any time with God. Read your Bible. Thanked Him. Listened to Him speak. Worshipped.

The reason I know this is because I’m the same.

My life gets busy and it’s in the busyness that I forget about God. Quiet times become quick times and eventually they go out the window. My prayer life becomes less of a conversation and more a list of demands. Suddenly the fullness of life that Jesus has promised has become full, but with the wrong things. The busyness excludes God, rather than, in the middle of life, being filled by God.

I don’t mean it to, it just kinda happens. I wake up with every good intention of “seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness” and suddenly I’ve done my whole day on my own, in my own strength.

I wonder if this is the reason that God shows us, right at the start of the Bible, that we need to have rest days. Days where we don’t run around, doing. But stop, and…be…where we put life on pause.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start seeking out conscious moments of grace. Times during the day when I actively stop, put the pen down or step away from the screen and choose to know and experience the presence, peace and power of God. To let Him speak in the midst of the busyness. Setting an alarm that reminds me to pray. Stopping at midday to say the Lord’s prayer. Or each time I make a cup of tea, pausing to thank Him. Consciously choosing, regularly, to still my heart and to turn back to Him.

So far, I’ll be honest, I keep forgetting. But the alarm in my phone is helping. And just remembering to remember is a good start. All in all, the more I welcome God into the midst of all I am, keep on being honest with Him and actively choosing to speak to Him, the more likely it is that the conscious moments become a life lived before God. Naturally and wholeheartedly.

Conscious moments of grace turn into ongoing rhythms of righteousness.

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