My phone is broken.  And it’s really annoying. Not just a little bit, not averagely, but MASSIVELY annoying. I can’t tell you. It’s the thing in my life that winds me up the most at the moment. I press the button and it doesn’t work. WHAT! I bought you to work, not to wind me up.




Don’t you hate those things; those tiny, seemingly -inconsequential things, that just wind you up? I catch myself getting frustrated at my ridiculous phone or the absolute loon who needs to learn to drive, the fact that the internet is too slow or the computer has crashed or that the TV is a bit flickery or any other number of tiny, tiny things that seem to wind me up.

I find myself more and more impatient.

And just this morning I was reminded that about 3 weeks ago I prayed that God might teach me patience.


I’m not sure what I thought would happen…maybe that God might just insert in me a tolerance, that I might be able to bear provocation without annoyance.  It seems like He is letting me get into situations where I need to choose patience, then offering to help me through it.

Pretty annoying that.

Why can’t I just BE more patient. Like, right now. Hmmm…

Well partly, it’s because He knows better than I do. He is God and I’m not.

But I also think it’s because He wants us to journey it with Him, to be in relationship with Him. This faith life isn’t transactional – I ask and I get, or I do something and He gives me something in return. No, this life is relationship and a journey. He wants me to continually keep coming back to Him to ask for patience for specific situations (like my ridiculous phone!).

But it’s the same for anything. If I ask to be kinder, He will give me opportunity to be kind. If I ask to be more gracious, He will give me opportunity to show grace.

But He won’t just leave me to it. He will walk alongside me, cheering me on, helping me out.

If I ask Him to shape me, He will. But we will do it together.

So I wonder the same about justice.

As we pursue God and cry out to Him for justice for this world, I wonder if the answer comes back – Yes, but we will do it together.

Well, that’s exciting, isn’t it?


Soul Action Project Manager

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