By Nikkita Mitchell

A few years ago at church, I felt God show me a tiny glimpse of the love he has for each and every
person suffering in poverty. It was enough to completely break me in that moment because I realised that his love for them, along with all of humanity, is completely beyond what I could ever try to understand. Can you imagine what it would be like to see just one person that you value immeasurably suffering day in, day out? God sees every single one of them.

I later learnt more about modern-day slavery through Soul Action at the Soul Survivor festival one summer. There, the reality of poverty was made even more unimaginable knowing that it is seen, understood and then exploited. Captivity isn’t what God intended for the girl working out of sight, out of mind. He intends for her to live life to the full. It’s knowing that fact, and knowing that it’s us who are called to bring that freedom, that makes it very hard to sit still.

This month a group of us delivered the STAND petition to the UK Home Office. It was an incredible day, where we had the opportunity to amplify the voices of over 9,000 individuals who all want to see modern-day slavery be made history.

We met with Theresa May, MP and Home Secretary, to talk about the work of Soul Action and the aims of the petition. It was so exciting and encouraging to see someone in power with such personal interest in fighting against slavery!

We heard how she first became passionate about it and her current concerns and hopes. She is pushing to see slavery dealt with in this country by working at the forefront of government aims to introduce the Modern Slavery Bill. This new law would shine a light on vulnerable victims in the UK and help to bring justice for them.

When you don’t hold a position of influence or power, it’s quite hard to know where to start with such a widespread issue. I’ve been able to work with friends to put on small events like making bracelets to sell at church, giving an assembly about trafficking at school and even selling cookies tied to statistics about trafficking. Although they were really small-scale, I think these events were a step forward because they were in places where teenagers could hear about slavery in the 21st century for the first time. Despite the low expectations that the world seems to have of us as young people, I believe that we can make a huge impact in the fight against it. As Soul Action continues to open the hearts of more young people from all over the UK, I’m praying that this petition is just the start of massive change in this country to bring the justice that God desires for these people.

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