Just thought I’d throw this out at the start… I’m a girl and know nothing about guys’ jewellery. Maybe the ‘choosing-your-jewellery-for-the-day’ process is the same, potentially couldn’t be more different, but bare with, the bit at the end is worth reading!

So, morning routine. Get up, get showered, get dressed… chuck on a necklace. Pop on your favourite pair of earrings. Take the necklace off and swap it because it doesn’t quite match the earrings. Choose a bracelet. Or should it be two. Wait, no they don’t match the earrings. Change the earrings. Ring- don’t forget a ring. Simple, or am I going to make a statement. I’ll make a statement. Actually, no, too much for my shirt. Ring change. Better. Final mirror check. OK…

Or perhaps you relate more to the birthday shopping saga… Walk into jewellery shop. Stare hopelessly at huge range of jewellery. Ask a friend who’s come shopping with you ‘What do you think she’ll want?’ ‘I don’t know, you choose.’ Helpful. Start with the earrings. Oh, does she have her ears pierced… yeah, pretty sure she does but oh, I’m not 100% sure. How about necklaces? Something little for an everyday sort of look or something fancy for a dressy number? Oh, that’s nice but does she already have that- I can see her wearing it?! No, no, she doesn’t have it. Shall I get a bracelet that matches or go for something completely different. Oh, look at those key-rings. She’d love them. Maybe that, and a necklace and that little bracelet, that’s pretty…you get the idea!

Jewellery is fab- it looks great during the day, can make an evening outfit look brilliant, can provide cute presents for people and now, because of the work of Redlight’s Inkululeko initiative it can also help provide vulnerable women with a way out of the sex trade, providing a safe job, economic stability and an opportunity to help reconstruct their lives.

The jewellery we are selling from Inkululeko is made from fallen nature- from bits of bark that would be otherwise overlooked or thrown away, a reflection of the lives of many of the women working there. Inkululeko then work with this to make jewellery, selling it on and helping themselves. This is a picture of God living within us, taking something fallen and broken and turning it into the opposite; something beautiful.

We’ve got a whole load of Inkululeko’s jewellery which we are selling here that we think not only looks great, but by buying this jewellery you are also helping to bring lasting change to these women’s lives.

Inkululeko Jewellery is available to buy HERE. Prices range from £4.50-£6.50 (inc. p+p)

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  1. Inkululeko’s jewellery is getting into trend these days. Availability at such a economic price will surely attract more people.

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