I love a good idea, me.

I love the thought of starting something new, getting going on new adventures. I love dreaming about new things with my friends.

The problem is that I’m really good at talking about vision, but less good at putting that in to place. I talk about…whatever…and don’t then act.

Is that like you too? Do you love the idea of vision, but not the proactive, shoulder-to-the-grindstone, hard work of doing…?

All I know is that I talk a lot and don’t act a lot.

But the truth is that I need to do the opposite – stop talking and get on doing. The Kingdom of God advances through action. Jesus builds his church as we get out there. We’re commanded to GO and make disciples. Jesus SENT OUT the 72.

Following Jesus is an active, outward focused journey. If we only stay in our groups, buildings and communities then we’ve missed the point.

 Worship is both the songs we sing, but more than that it is the lives that we lead.
Faith is both an inward belief and an outward action.
Hope is something internal, but also something we give away.
Love is not a feeling, but an act – time, touch, gifts, serving, speaking. Love is active.
Justice needs to be DONE, not just simply thought about.
Jesus lived, died, rose again. He acted in time, in a particular place. He DID.

I could go on.

Basically, everywhere you look in the Bible, all the good stuff that happens is because people who love and follow God actually do something. They get off their bums and did it.

And, honestly, it’s in this place that life will be found. This is where the adventure is. This is where we will find out that Jesus is ahead of us, preparing the way and softening the ground. Our acts of religion will never satisfy us – to really keep going in following Jesus, we need to actually follow. In his strength, at his request, through him and for him…

So…what can you do?

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