Do you fancy a coffee?

The nervous girl sidles over and suggests to the slow-on-the-uptake-been-hinted-at-for-AGES boy that hanging out might be good sometime.

He deftly, confidently and wittily replies:

“Yeah…err…great…umm…well…what do you…ummm…do you fancy a coffee?” He promptly walks off, without waiting for an answer to high-five his mate who has been sniggering at his inept ways. The mate, being a little more astute turns him back to the girl.

“Well, yes, I’d love to, if you’re free sometime, that would be ace. What about next Saturday?”

“Yeah, a’wight, brill, yeah…”

So ensues a few days of nerves, excitement and planning. The boy gets a haircut, pretends to shave and brushes his teeth each day. Maybe even showers.

The girl giggles with her friends, whispering behind hands – nothing more. (Side note: I’m a boy, that’s all I ever saw girls doing…someone help me out here, what does happen?!)

Then the day comes – he orders a frothy, extra hot, triple shot sugar free caramel macchiato; in her “I actually enjoy coffee” method, she orders a black Americano with room for milk.

And they live happily ever after.

A short story, with a happy ending. All because of the wonder that is coffee.

Coffee is something quite brilliant, right? It fuels many mornings and convenes many meetings. Coffee is both a pastime and a pleasure.

But, more seriously, coffee is also life and death for some.

For the growers, the pickers and the roasters this is how they feed, house, clothe and educate their families. For those people – who we often forget about – coffee is their provision.

So, it only seems fair that they get a living wage that will help them do that, right? A wage that means they can afford everything they need, as well as save slightly for the future. A wage that means they aren’t trapped in a lifetime of poverty. Or slavery.

Well, we have found coffee that guarantees all of these things.

That the farmers are guaranteed a living wage, that they are guaranteed to be #slavefree and that they are sustainable, ethical and community-focused. It’s called direct trade and our suppliers personally know each and every one of their growers. The supply chain is clean and short which is just better (environmentally, for the coffee and for workers)

Oh, and even better than that – it is premium, gourmet coffee to boot.

Coffee that is excellent all round – grown around the fertile shores of Lake Eduardo in the DRC; coffee that truly counts for more, for a great price, that benefits everyone. That sounds like my kind of coffee…

So, I was just wondering…if…maybe…well…

Do you fancy a coffee?

Soul Action: Coffee That Counts is available to buy HERE and costs just £6.50 (inc. P+P)


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