Welcome to the Soul Action shop!

We set up this shop to help support our partners around the world by selling slave free, fair trade poducts.

Most of these items are made by our partners with the proceeds going straight to the work they are involved in around the world. Have a read of the stories behind our lovely products and see what you like, knowing that the money you spend will be used to support our partners and the various projects they are involved in.


RedLight Jewellrey

This jewellery was made by our partners REDLIGHT and the women on their Create Freedom Project and is part of their Ruth jewellery range. The jewellery is made by women who have survived the horrors of human trafficking and aims to not only help them live sustainable lives, but to prevent them from being re-trafficked and exploited. Through creating economic opportunities for the women on their programme, they hope to see identities and destinies restored, so that they too can live out their dreams as being world changers in society.

Items available: Key-Ring, Ring, Ear-rings, Necklace, Bracelet, Studs, Brooch



The Ruth Range is named after the biblical woman Ruth. A woman who’s destiny God changed, from one of sorrow and hopelessness to that of joy and wholeness. Ruth was known in biblical times as a woman of love. This is depicted in the heart shapes of the jewellery pieces in the Ruth Range. Fallen bark is the material used to create the hearts for the jewellery pieces. The fallen bark to us represents an analogy of many women who are exploited, where they remain unnoticed by society, and regarded as refuse. However through the loving touch of our Heavenly Fathers restoration and redemption, these women like the fallen bark are transformed.

Prices range from £4.50-£6.50

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Freedom Bands

These wristbands are made by our partners the Cambodian Hope Organisation, a Christian Organisation based in the Thai border town of Poipet, Cambodia. The wristbands are made by the young people in one of their vocational sewing workshops. These teenagers have either been rescued from or are at risk of human trafficking. CHO gives them another option and helps to educate them and offers them the opportunity of grants to start their own businesses.

We thought it would be great to support the amazing work they do by buying the wristbands they make in their classes at a fair price and telling their story to all we sell them to.  The price we pay for them covers the cost of the materials used and contributes towards the food and education CHO provides for those who make them. Then with the surplus we make from selling the wristbands on, we can fund a variety of projects around the world.

Wristbands are £1.50

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Coffee that counts

We believe that trade should bring people out of poverty, rather than keeping them in it. Here at Soul Action we’re really aware that the issue of modern day slavery is a massive one and an area where people are significantly exploited is within the supply chains of the goods we buy. As consumers we have the responsability for what we buy and intern what we demand from our retailers. Our Soul action coffee is a great place to start.

Coffee is brilliant, right? Well this coffee is even better – not only is it premium, gourmet quality but it is coffee that counts for more. It is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, directly traded with the farmers that grow it and has a very short supply chain. But there is one more thing you should know – this coffee is guaranteed to be #SlaveFree. Nowhere in the process of this coffee being grown, picked, roasted, ground or delivered to you is there anyone working in slavery – everyone is paid a fair wage.

This means that, when you drink this coffee, you are drinking beautiful-tasting coffee, at a fair price for everyone involved. Sounds good right?

Buy now…

(227g of Ground Coffee)

This Coffee is provided to us by a company called Schluter and the proceeds we make go to supporting our partners

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4 Responses to Shop

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi, when will the freedom bands come back in stock?

    • soulaction says:

      Hi Lucy,

      They are in stock now – if you go to shop.soulsurvivor.com you can find them there!If that doesn’t work, drop us an email and we will sort it out. (info@soulaction.org)

      Hope that helps,


  2. Erin says:

    Will there be more freedom bands being made or Ruth jewellery??

    • soulaction says:


      There will be more available at the Summer Conferences, yes! After that, they will be available online too!

      Thanks so much!


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