Why do Slum Survivor?

The reality

Around 1 billion people – that’s about one sixth of the world’s population – live in slums. Life in townships, favelas and temporary settlements across the world
is hard.

Often situated on the outskirts of cities throughout the majority of the world, these slums are populated by people and families who’ve travelled to urban centres to find work… often unsuccessfully.

The everyday normality of life in the UK is alien to the world’s temporary settlements. Running water, electricity, employment, schools and other basic services are rarely present. Crime is high and the cramped conditions and open sewage mean diseases are usually rife. Just as bad is the ‘temporary’ nature of slums. They are often not officially sanctioned government communities and thus ignored on maps and in council policy. The threat of bulldozers tearing down slum settlements is always present and many, like refugees, are forced to leave their homes.

However, this is life for so many people, real people that God loves. Soul Action is working to raise awareness of the issues and generate funds for projects serving some of the world’s poorest communities.
This is what Slum Survivor is all about.

Participants in Slum Survivor will get sponsored to take part in the challenge and the money raised will go to the work of Soul Action partner projects working in poor communities throughout the world.

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