This page is where we share just some stories of people taking their STAND, made in the name of freedom. Its a great place to read about peoples different ideas and maybe get some inspiration for a STAND of your own.

This year over 800 people (above) took part in our annual fun run that takes place over the 4 weeks of the Soul Survivor summer conferences. People of all ages, paces and abilities took part in order to raise money for charities we support, that either work with those being trafficked or those at risk of being trafficked. In total we raised an amazing £2304.33 over the 4 weeks from people not just making a STAND, but deciding to run to see an end to the injustice of slavery.


We met Sara & Stuart (right) at Soul Survivor week B. They continue to make their STAND by running a youth group in their local Starbucks. The purpose of their youth group is to engage young people who may never enter a church building with the love of God and challenge them with God’s heart of justice for the poor. They took a bunch of freedom bands and resources from us to share with the young people, telling them about Gods heart for the last, the least and the lost.


Gabbi, who was 16 at the time, met us at a summer conference in 2012. It was at this conference that she first learned about the global problem of human trafficking. After the conferences Gabbi went home to research more about the current state of slavery in the world and was shocked by the statistics and stories she saw. Gabbi made her STAND in a school assembly, passionately explaining the state of modern day slavery to her peers, who like her, may have been oblivious at first. She held a cake sale as well for Not For Sale (an anti-slavery organization) and sold our freedom bands and resources to raise money. She was overwhelmed by the reaction and support she received as a result.

A great start to 2014, when this Youth group (Left) made their STAND at the top of Pen-Y-Fan at the start of January. They climbed the mountain in order to raise money  for Soul Action and @Hopeforjustice and awareness for the change that they want to see in this world.

This is David and Laura (right) on their lovely wedding day! We met them at our summer conferences in 2013. They decided that our freedom bands would be great idea for wedding favours for all their friends and family  on their special day. So they bought 100 of them from us and 100 people on their wedding day made a STAND against slavery and poverty. What a great idea! You can even see Laura wearing hers in the photo!

Sarah (below) came to cook for her church’s youth group at week A of the conferences this year and felt very impacted by the STAND campaign. She made a STAND at a local festival by running a stool. By selling some of the freedom bands and resources we provided, face-painting chains and having someone in a cage for the duration of the day! Sarah managed to not only raise awareness of slavery and money for the charities that work with victims of the trade, but also add over 150 names to the STAND petition asking our government to do more to combat slavery.


If you are interested in making your own STAND, have any questions or would like resources, send us an email:


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