Not For Sale is a charity that fights modern-day slavery around the world, with the mission to create a world where no one is for sale

Using business creation, supply chain evaluation, and aftercare aid. By creating enterprise opportunities for vulnerable communities, offering social services to survivors and those at-risk to human trafficking, and evaluating the use of forced labor in mainstream supply chains, Not For Sale works to ensure that no one is for sale.

International Projects

Their first rehabilitation center in Thailand grew to five additional social projects: Peru, the Netherlands, India, South Africa, and Romania. In all six projects, they work to provide safety and stability services to survivors while targeting the root causes of exploitation by providing skills training, education, and job opportunities.

Social Enterprises

To address economic vulnerability in highly enslaved communities, Not For Sale creates mass-market product opportunities to generate jobs and provide skills training for at-risk individuals and survivors in need of a sustainable income.

Supply Chain Evaluations

Not For Sale assess’ the role of specific brands in the global rise of forced-labor, offers resources to companies looking to improve their supply chains, and informs consumers of the social impact behind their purchases by publishing easily-accessible information.

Prayer requests from NFS:

An exciting update for us is that we have just announced that we are starting Not For Sale’s domestic work in 2014. The Invention Hub, which we are piloting in the Bay Area, will be a place for skills/job training and empowerment for survivors of human trafficking. We can definitely use prayer, as we begin that journey!


Here are a few links to just some of the great stories from the work Not For Sale has done overseas:

Thailand :: Peru :: Romania

Impact report:

NFS Q2 2013 update


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