By Lucy Pieterse, @TearfundGo.

“I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas!!!!!” – how many times this month have you heard that phrase? It’s like we all sit around blindfolded while the year whizzes by and then suddenly in November we catch up.

Well, let’s face it, 2013 is nearly over. All the joys of Christmas are nearly upon us. And what’s around the corner for you? Loads of exciting, fun packed adventures? Or the reality of a job you’re not massively fulfilled in and a course you’re just struggling by in?

Well, we believe we’ve got an option that is massively exciting, challenging and could open completely new doors for you.

It’s called ICS!

Basically the government are funding an opportunity for you to volunteer and spend 10 weeks overseas, working with Tearfund partners on projects that will really make a difference. You could go to South Africa, Rwanda or Bolivia and volunteer in a team alongside like-minded people, passionate about letting God use them to influence communities in poverty.

And the thing that excites me, is that you’ll live and work alongside volunteers from the country you’re in. Which means you’ll really get to understand the culture, learn the language and develop real friendships with people from a completely different background.

The one danger? You won’t come back the same – you’ll be changed from the inside out.

So what do you think – ready to take on the challenge?


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