You need to know that magnets are cool.

Without magnets much of our modern world wouldn’t work – computers, TVs, speakers, microphones, medicine, compasses (of course), toys, electric guitars, cash machines…and, maybe most importantly, sticking stuff to your fridge.See, I told you…magnets ARE cool.  

The things about magnets is that they can’t help but be attracted to things. They just work that way. They can lose that ability, but as soon as you put them near to a magnet again, they become magnetised. Or, with electromagnets, as soon as you turn the power on…boom, they work again.

In many ways we’re a lot like that – drawn to each other, drawn to the world, drawn to other things.  Just by our very nature – drawn to community, to people that we are like (or want to be like).

Sometimes these things that we are drawn to are great and life giving and make us better versions of ourselves. Sometimes, though, we are drawn to things that make us less, maybe make us hurt and make us, well, worse.

Let me tell you, I often find it hard to win my inner battles. Being honest, I fight and lose frequently. In the book of Romans, Paul puts it like this:

“For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

The things that I know are right, good and will make me better I don’t do – things like serving others, praying constantly, reading my bible regularly, seeking my healing, doing my work to the best of my ability, helping my neighbour, standing up for justice…the list goes on.

Instead, no, I do the things I do not want to do – I hurt people, I get impatient and angry, I am self seeking, I ignore the plight of my neighbours (near and far), I focus on me me me, I eat too much, I don’t pray.

Then there is the problem, that some of the things I want to do are things that I shouldn’t do. They are things that might be fun in the moment, but ultimately don’t make me a better person, don’t bring me to life, don’t make me freer; instead the sell me as a “slave to sin” (Paul again)…I do things that I think are great, but deep inside they are destroying me in some way. I do things that I am allowed to do (culture tells us that we should be allowed to do whatever we want) that trap and enslave me. I sell myself to sin, but real life is found in losing myself to God.

I long for freedom. I long for life in the fullest. That is what following Jesus is about: not about rules and regulations, but about admitting that we do stuff that hurts God (and us), saying sorry for that and choosing to try and live different. It’s about accepting Jesus as Lord and with that comes all this great stuff He wants to give us – life, adventure and freedom in the fullest sense possible.

We’re all magnets; we’re all drawn to things. So, the question is, what kind of magnet are you and will you be, what are you drawn to? For me, I want to be a magnet that is drawn to good, life giving and holy things: I want to aim towards Jesus, be drawn relentlessly towards Him, towards life, towards hope.

And be someone who draws others along for the ride.

Who’s coming?

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