I can’t believe that the summer has been and gone already, disappeared in a flash. Although, having said that Soul Survivor A seems like it was about 10 years ago already.

But what an amazing summer we spent together, right? 

We joined with thousands of others to worship God, hear from His word and meet with Him as we prayed.We hung out in cafes and tents and on sports fields.We cried together and laughed together.

We celebrated hundreds and hundreds of people coming to know Jesus for the first time.We wore onesies (and got FAR too hot).We didn’t sleep very much and drank too much coffee.We ate cheesy chips.

We admired @robandthemoles We had fun. We grew 

together.We listened and wrote and were challenged.We prayed for people and they were healed. We devoured chocolate cake. We sang songs on our campsites. We got hugged for free (does anyone pay for hugs?). We loved and were loved. We ran for fun.

We went to seminars and listened. We went to cafes and talked.

But right in the middle of all that, we also remembered the last, the least and the lost. We signed the STAND petition in our thousands; each of us cried out and joined in with God to say “let my people go” and we remembered those people that are often forgotten.

We remembered that that life isn’t about us. That true, real, fullness of life is found as we look outwards to those who are yet to know Jesus, to those who are forgotten, to the orphan and widow and outcast.

And we continue to remember them.

We won’t forget the faces and stories of the people in the Soul Action video. We won’t forget that there are people all over the world lost under the weight of horrendous injustice. We won’t forget the millions who are trapped in modern day slavery.

We remember them.

We won’t forget the father who was forced to sell his child into a brothel in order to feed his family. A choice so horrendous – starve or sell. We will not forget that it is poverty that traps people like him all over the world.




We bought wristbands at Momentum made by our friends at the Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO) who are stopping children being bought and sold; the wristband a constant reminder that this is our fight, that we are living out the cry of the Father as we step into the gap to bring His people home. We met with Him and responded with action; the right order of things.

We won’t forget.

We were changed in the midst of our worship – as we sought the face of God together, pursuing intimacy with Him, He moulded our hearts to be more compassionate, more willing and ready to go.

And we refuse to forget.


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