Loads of you will have already come across the Stand resource that we released at the beginning of the January that looks at continuing our stand against modern day slavery this year. (And if you haven’t, check it out: www.soulaction.org/stand/stand-resources) Every month has a different focus and in January we were looking at prayer. What difference does prayer make in our stand against this injustice and how can we be praying for the people around the world caught in human trafficking?

On January 31st we held a prayer event here in Watford for the Soul61s to get involved in, praying for these issues and putting some time aside specifically to pray. Despite the miserable weather, a whole bunch of us got together as a group and prayed for a couple of hours, focusing on some of the prayer points surrounding modern day slavery. For a few hours, 61s came and went from the warehouse where there were different stations around for them to use to help focus their prayers for the evening. (You can find the details of all the stations and ideas we used as part of a resource here www.soulaction.org/stand/stand-resources)

One of the stations looked at the idea that it isn’t that people don’t care about the issue of slavery, but actually it’s that they know such a small amount about the situations faced by so many in the world. Although this was used to direct some of the prayers in the evening, I found out it also describes the position many 61s found themselves in.

All of us (hopefully!) would agree that slavery is wrong and that the figures, statistics and reality of life in slavery are shocking; but for those who don’t know of the reality it is a lot harder to relate to the issues. One of the overriding pieces of feedback from the evening was that it opened people’s eyes to the problems faced around the world and a new awareness of the reality of life for 27 million people on this planet. This is hugely encouraging and it is amazing to see a group of such great people coming together and having a joint passion to see people set free. It was also encouraging seeing people who were already fired up for so much of this come along as well and get involved; praying for issues they feel strongly about and coming alongside others and joining them in their stand.

And best of all we know our prayers are heard by the God of the universe.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

Jeremiah 29.12

So why not try it yourself? Can you get together with a groupof friends to plan something? Invite your youth group, get people from your church involved? Let’s speak up for those who can’t and speak out about the injustice going on around us.

Do get in touch with us and share your stories… We’d love to hear what you’re getting up to!


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