So Soul Survivor have about 30 people on mission over in South Africa right now – they are there for two weeks, serving some of the poorest communities in South Africa on the outskirts of Durban.

Specifically they are working with our friends at LIV Village – check them out HERE - and serving in the local township which LIV is a part of.

They have currently had two project days and have achieves LOADS already – here is an email we got from Busy (yes that’s her real name) who is out there coordinating everyone, (playing mum for the two weeks). Have a read of the brilliant impact:

We are having a great time here in Durban. The sun is shining, the team is brilliant and the LIV village is as special as everyone told me it would be.

We are on our second project day today and I thought you might like to see what our guys have been up to. We are taking some proper photos but these are just a few from my phone.

There is a lady from the township next to LIV who due to her parents losing her birth ceruficate isn’t able to get government funding for a house or for her child. Consequently we are funding and building her a house. Her current house is incredibly small and not suitable for her 2 year old daughter. Also every time it rains her house floods and is becoming a problem.

The first pictures are from the first day where it was just rubble and ground. Our team levelled the area ready to build and also dug up the soiled area you can see in the third picture to allow her to have a vegetable patch. This way she can earn a living from selling the veg.

The fourth picture is the levelled area.

Today the second team have gone in to carry on and amazingly by the time we picked them up for lunch they had fully erected the house. (final pics) They have gone back this afternoon to put in the concrete floor.

Our final team will be going tomorrow to plant her veg and see that the area is safe for her to move into.

I’m completely astonished at how much we have been able to do in just two days and I’m excited to see what else we will achieve.

Please be praying for the team, that they all stay safe, healthy and have a load of fun, whilst meeting God in serving this amazing community.


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