‘Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.

It shall be a jubilee for you’ Leviticus 25:10

 Does justice mean campaigning for human rights overseas? Engaging with local community projects that protect vulnerable people? Championing fair wages for everyone?

Do all these ideas about justice connect? How?

Sometimes it’s really overwhelming to try and understand which part of this big thing called ‘justice’ we should be engaging with…The Jubilee Project is designed to help us connect ideas about local and global justice, creating a full picture of why it’s important to God and ways we can be encouraged rather then overwhelmed!

Every 49 years God commanded the Israelites to press the re-set button on their society and restore things back to His design. Liberty was proclaimed, people were set free and a full picture of what justice looks like was painted.

This was the Year of Jubilee. God knew all of the things that the community was facing and spoke his justice over each part of it. He asked his people to act and to take responsibility for their neighbors – They did, and something incredible happened.

When I read this verse it got me wondering what this looks like for us today. How do we paint a holistic picture of justice for our world? I’m no economics professor but I’m guessing that the redistribution of all the wealth in the world could be problematic… But, what I do know is that God cares just as much about justice in all its forms today as he did thousands of years ago.

As part of being on a program called Emerging Influencers with Tearfund I was given the opportunity to do a project which raises awareness of the way we treat our global neighbours. The Year of Jubilee is such an example of the balance that can be restored to a community when we act in ways that protect the more vulnerable people in our communities and show everyone his love.

It was out of prayer about this that The Jubilee Project was born!

The Jubilee Project gives you an opportunity to come together in youth groups to do things that proclaim some of God’s justice in our local and global communities.

Through a combination of learning about global issues like child trafficking, doing something practical for your community and sharing what you’ve learnt with your church community, this project will help all of us to connect the big ideas about justice and paint a fuller picture of what it means.

Check it out on the Rhythms website and think about joining other youth groups by taking part in the project over the weekend of the 25th/26th  of April – Or whenever you can!

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