Well, the Christmas tree is up, I have my new Christmas jumper on and my shopping…well, I’ve got a list ready so at least I’ve thought about it! The clock is ticking and i can’t wait. To be honest with you I have humming Christmas songs since late October! I love Christmas (as you might have guessed) – do you?

We’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about some major issues both in the world around us, in the churches we’re a part of and in our everyday decision making.

But now it’s time to celebrate.

Christmas is a time when we think about how God interrupted history in a most unexpected and dramatic fashion. There is no better illustration to show how God does things in ways we would never have thought of – why else choose a random couple in a small country to entrust the only chance of salvation any of us would have? As young as Mary was, she held in her arms the screaming baby that was so vulnerable and yet somehow fully God. It makes no sense to me but that’s how He chooses to do things. He chooses to use unlikely individuals, who many wouldn’t look twice at, and works through groups who want to model another way of living. Celebrating Christmas reminds us of this.

Celebrating Christmas also reminds us that celebrating and joining together to have fun and eat, drink and be merry is an essential part of our faith. Jesus and his disciples adhered to the regular festivals that were part of the rhythm of Jewish life. Why did God establish those festivals and feasts? Because our King and the life He gives us in His Kingdom is worth celebrating!

Over the last year we’ve looked at lots of different ways in which Justice is at the core of this Kingdom and how everyone can live here and increasingly enjoy the freedom that belonging to Him brings. I can reflect on my life and even the past year and see the difference He has made in me and how I have been able to join Him in bringing freedom to others – and this Christmas I intend to join with my family and friends to celebrate all of this and lots more. I intend to sing some carols, eat lots of mince pies and raise a glass and celebrate my God who saves in the most extraordinary ways and invites the most normal people to work with Him along the way.

So as I have a glass of mulled wine and watch Die Hard (officially a great Christmas movie!) I invite you to join together with friends and family, talk about what God has done this year and celebrate how good He is… Cheers!!!!

PS You should also watch this amazing nativity story…well worth a watch!

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