Thandeka’s story

Thandeka grew up with her mum and sister after her dad died when she was just 8 years old. After moving out of home and then back when her mum got ill, Thandeka got desperate for money. A friend told her about a local sex club where she could make lots of money, and so Thandeka started working there.

Luckily for Thandeka, she made contact with Redlight who have helped her emotionally, financially and spiritually. Thandeka has taken courses in a whole range of areas, from make up to business entrepreneurship. She dreams of building a safe home for her sister and nieces to flourish.


Sarah’s story

Sarah grew up in Kenya and when at secondary school had to go through ritual circumcision to prepare her for ‘womanhood’. Sarah refused to take part as she knew of the dangers involved and as a result suffered at the hands of her family. Sarah’s family removed her rom school and made her do domestic chores around the house.

Thankfully, Lifeline heard Sarah’s story and were able to get her back into school to complete her education. Thanks to their intervention, Sarah now has a future.


Jubilee School

Jubilee school has been set up by AACO and XLP in Ghana, West Africa to help break the cycle of poverty in the village of Dampong. The school offers hope and a chance for older students to be role models for younger students in a village where teenage pregnancy is high and young kids take drugs to escape the pain of everyday life. Jubilee school offers opportunities for these young people to turn their lives around.


Aini’s story

Aini grew up in devastating poverty in the Philippines. When she was promised a job in the Netherlands she hoped this would be the way out for her family. When she arrived in Amsterdam, she found herself forced to work for little or no pay and she was not allowed to leave the house where she was staying; she had been trafficked and was now living in slavery.

Aini eventually reached out for help and through Not For Sale, Aini was able to undertake a four-week culinary training program, learning the basic skills of cooking and running a restaurant. Aini has used the training she received to follow her dream and open up her own restaurant at home in the Philippines providing the financial support that her family so desperately needs. Her story is one of triumph out of a tragic trafficking situation.

Grace’s story

Grace was born in East Uganda, the first of 11 children and her father died when she was just 3 years old. Due to a lack of money, Grace finished her education after primary school. She moved into a slum where she married and had children. Sadly her husband died soon after, leaving her with no source of income and forcing her to beg for food for both herself and her 2 daughters.

JENGA met Grace whilst she was begging and offered food and school fees for her children. They also helped Grace set up her own business to enable her to provide for the future.


Cherry’s story

Cherry grew up in London with her mum and younger sister, who Cherry took responsibility for. Cherry struggled with anger issues and disliked school so would stop going for weeks or months at a time. Cherry also had low self-esteem because of how she was treated by her mother, who was often drunk. She didn’t feel able to talk to anyone about her problems which only made them worse.

Cherry met workers from XLP who she could talk to about her situation and who could help her. Since first meeting, XLP have helped Cherry find apprenticeships into jobs which she is excelling in. Cherry has been able to see the benefits of working hard and is a role model to her younger sister which she thinks is the best feeling in the world!

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