As the talk has moved on from Christmas to New Year (and now we’re half way through January already!), I’ve been thinking back to 2013 and all that’s gone on this last year – my best memories, the events that have stood out and maybe the biggest things that have happened. And then I also think about 2014 – what am I looking forward to, where will I be at the end of the year, what are going to be the great memories of this year?! I love doing stuff like this. I love remembering good times and I find it exciting to think about the future. I enjoy planning with friends and thinking together about memories and times to come.

And as I do this I realise my long lists of memories, good times and big events are overwhelmingly positive – and as I look forward I know I do so with a real privilege. Firstly I’m privileged that I can look forward, that I live in a safe country, that I have a roof over my head and I am lucky to know that my next meal will be there. I’m privileged that looking forward isn’t a dream in itself.

And secondly I’m privileged that I can look forward in confidence, safe in the knowledge that I know not only who holds, the future, but my future; that ultimately what I get up to this year (and beyond!) is in the hands of a powerful God who can achieve so much more than me!

I look forward to 2014 with a great list of things I want to achieve, there’s things I want to do for myself and there’s a whole host of things I want to see changed – this ‘looking forward’ time is a time for big dreams and, as I’ve been catching up on some reading over the Christmas break, (particularly Tim Keller’s Generous Justice) I’ve begun to think more about the big changes that need to be seen- seen in our world, seen in our communities and seen in my life. I’m excited by these changes and the impact they could have – its huge, the task is massive but acting together and taking little steps together can create the big change we need to see. (Check out the ‘Keep putting things right’ blog from the other week for more thoughts on this!) And we can do so trusting in our powerful God who can do so much more than our little steps!

As I continue my year with Soul61 and spend time with Soul Action, I’m excited to share with you how these actions look and what I’ll get up to. I hope you’ll join me!

Happy New Year! (and a bit!)

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