For those of you who have keenly followed the Soul Action blog over the last year, you may be surprised to see another blog from me, seeing as Soul61 finished at the end of August after a brilliant month at the summer festivals. Anyway, despite this and the fact I’ve technically finished my placement with Soul Action, I’m back and here begins a whole new series of blogs from me that I’ll continue as I move away from Watford and onto university.

I don’t know about you guys but September always seems to be a really busy month for me. You get back from the summer and maybe a bit of time off, or a little holiday and suddenly you’re thrown back into the reality of daily routines or a new school year, or, like me, you spent a load of it trying to pack up your life into a few boxes to take away with you to University. So my September was pretty hectic- I tried to see as many friends as possible from home whilst also trying to keep in touch with people I missed (and still do!) from Soul61 and friends I’d left behind in Watford at the same time as unpacking things I didn’t need to take to Uni and new things I needed to pack that I didn’t need in Watford but will need now… You get the picture!

Ever find that your diary looks a little bit like this?!

And sometimes I found myself thinking ‘as long as I can last till the day I go to Uni then I’ll be fine cos I’ll be there and there’ll be nothing left to do’… apart from the whole business of making friends, getting to know the area, starting to write essays again (eek), finding my way around. And so really the reality is that life stays just as busy in a whole different way. So, what’s the trick of getting out of this cycle of busyness and rushing around?!

The other day I came across this passage in Matthew that I think sheds a whole load of light on it;

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light’ Matt. 11. 28-30 (NIV)

We take it to Jesus.

I went to a seminar at the festivals in the summer where it was said that ‘slowing down is sometimes the fastest way to accomplish great things’. This isn’t a case of stopping everything I’m doing and hoping that somehow Jesus will pack my bags for me and tidy my room of all my stuff or that somehow my computer will write my essays for me. Rather, this is a case of doing it with Him; tied together and working together. This is a case of slowing down to spend time with the one in whom I can do all things, and spending time with the one who will give me rest. Who can give you rest. To spend time walking with Him and working with Him; watching how He does it (Matt 11.28, MSG)

But practically how does that really look in a life that is so busy, where actually we do just want to rush onto the next thing (or at least I always feel like that- maybe you don’t?! In which case, thanks for your patience for reading this far!) I think a great way that makes such a difference is making sure we’ve got time to read the Bible; the New Testament especially is full of stories about Jesus’ life (and he was reasonably busy I’d say!)- stories that show him walking away from crowds and busyness and spending time with his father. I’m working on finding that time each day where I can set aside time to go away with the father and refocus with him and let him give me rest. This time might change as I adapt to a new routine, but the importance and significance of it won’t.

So let’s see where that time fits in for us, where that time is where we can go away and be renewed, not simply as another thing to tick off a spiritual checklist, but as a way to grow deeper with our saviour and become more like him.

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